December 11
Rose law Firm

Healthcare Attorney Joins Rose Law Firm

Rose Law Firm is very pleased to announce that attorney Cynthia Blankenship has joined the firm to expand its healthcare practice.  Cynthia is a local of Batesville, Arkansas, and before moving to Washington, DC, Cynthia clerked for Justice Betty Dickey of the Supreme Court of Arkansas. Cynthia spent over seven years in Washington, DC serving as counsel and senior advisor in the United States Senate and House of Representatives as well as Vice President of government affairs and director of policy and regulatory affairs to health care nonprofits. While serving as counsel and senior advisor in the United States Congress, Cynthia served as advisor on health care, appropriations, budget, veterans’ affairs, and defense. Cynthia worked on health care legislation including the Affordable Care Act as well as the Drug Quality and Security Act, and oversaw work on the Appropriations, Budget, and Veterans Affairs Committees. Cynthia traveled extensively throughout Arkansas during this time, aiding health care entities in the appropriations process and providing assistance on the changing landscape of health care.

After serving in the United States Congress, Cynthia continued serving in health care as director of policy and regulatory affairs as well as Vice President at health care nonprofits. In these roles, Cynthia continued to assist members in the ever changing health care industry with compliance issues, was successful in obtaining language within federal appropriations bills, was successful in obtaining the introduction of federal legislation, and served as the point of contact for the United States Congress and all federal and state regulatory agencies. Cynthia worked to increase the involvement and awareness of these nonprofits and their membership with Congress, federal and state regulatory agencies, and other external organizations. Cynthia also managed the Political Action Committee (PAC) for these nonprofits.

In addition to providing compliance guidance, Cynthia is also registered as a federal lobbyist and as such, meets with Representatives and Senators, monitors legislation and regulatory efforts impacting clients, drafts comments in response to regulatory guidance and legislation, and works with clients to develop comprehensive strategies to address legislative and regulatory concerns. Cynthia has also spoken at many national conferences in order to provide guidance within the health care industry on compliance issues with the Affordable Care Act and the Drug Quality and Security Act and provide insight on the legislative and regulatory processes.