August 14
Rose law Firm

Arkansas Bar Association Appoints Rose Law Firm Attorneys to Committees

President Charles L. Harwell, on behalf of the Arkansas Bar Association, has made the following appointments:

Judiciary Committee – Eric Scott Bell, Tom Haynes, Kathryn B. Perkins, and Amy Lee Stewart

Jurisprudence and Law Reform Committee – Amy Lee Stewart

Law Related Education Committee – Karen Elizabeth ("Betsy") Turner-Fry

Law School Committee – Dan C. Young

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee – Frank Falkner and Karen Elizabeth ("Betsy") Turner-Fry

Membership Development Committee – Russell Payton Bailey

Uniform Laws Committee – Tom Haynes, Stephen N. Joiner, Kathryn B. Perkins, and Dan C. Young

Website/Technology Committee – Kathryn B. Perkins

The Arkansas Bar Association is a voluntary, statewide association with more than 5,000 attorney members.  The association and its members participate in a variety of programs and services for the legal profession and society.  Among the purposes of the Association are advancing the administration of justice in Arkansas and fostering high ideals of integrity, learning, and public service among its members.  The Arkansas Bar Association was founded in 1898.