Commercial litigation creates major disruptions in a company’s productivity and should be resolved in the most expeditious and effective manner possible. While our commercial litigation team provides aggressive representation when appropriate, we also understand that the manner of approaching each dispute is guided by our clients’ goals and desired outcome. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients’ businesses and using this knowledge to craft tailored solutions and advice for each one individually.

Our firm prides itself on teamwork, which we use across practice areas, to resolve our clients’ problems with comprehensive advice and depth. We have the attorneys necessary to handle complex and time-intensive litigation but employ our expertise and technology to do so in a cost-effective manner.

The need for legal assistance can arise through all stages of business, we care about your case!

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Throughout our long history, Rose Law Firm’s commercial litigation team has established a well-known reputation for success in the most complicated, high-stakes litigation in the state. Our attorneys have helped clients achieve success in all areas of litigation, including jury trials and appeals. We have a proven track record of successfully resolving litigation prior to trial through pre-trial motions, including dismissals and summary judgments. When matters must go to trial, our team frequently represents clients in high-stakes commercial cases involving the following issues:

From Fortune 500 companies or a privately held business, our clients are both large and small and come from a range of industries, including:

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