Protection of intangible property rights and intellectual property is one of the most important areas of the modern business environment. As the use and importance of technology in business increases, the protection of that technology becomes essential.

High technology has permeated every aspect of our society, including traditional industries in Arkansas, such as agriculture and timber as well as other industries both within and outside the state. As the competitive environment becomes more aggressive, protecting your information, know-how, and processes becomes even more important.


Protect the most valuable property you own – your business identity. It’s how your customers remember your business, and it’s your most sizeable and protectable long term investment. We understand how to protect your corporate identity using preventative steps and trademark enforcement services.

When our clients select a word, design or slogan that identifies their goods or services, we perform searches to ensure there are no previously registered or conflicting materials already existing. By starting out correctly before the launch of your brand, we help you avoid headaches. Doing it the right way not only avoids confusion in the marketplace, but it also may avoid legal action against you. Trademark laws are here to protect you, but they can be difficult to navigate. We can help.

Branding is everywhere, and it is the driving force behind customer loyalty. Our firm handles all aspects of intellectual property protection. We can help secure the right protection, and if or when your brand is infringed, we will hold the infringer accountable.


Copyright law protects all creative materials — music compositions, art, architectural designs, sculptures and the written word.

Today’s photographers, computer programmers, web application developers and authors struggle to keep pace with the Internet and technological developments. With the click of a button, professional images can be rebroadcast to millions of viewers. It is critical in today’s Internet age to make sure your creative expressions remain your own.

Securing copyright for your original work of authorship is an important step in guarding your exclusive rights to the material. Formally registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office provides important benefits. Registration establishes a public record of your copyright claim and acts as evidence of the validity of your copyright and is necessary before an infringement lawsuit may be brought against an infringer.

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