Business Planning

Business Planning

Our attorneys develop and deliver innovative business and legal solutions to clients with a focus on minimizing tax cost and maximizing financial return on acquisitions, reorganizations, and divestures.

We provide our clients legal advice on such areas as:

Structuring business acquisitions and share exchanges

Optimizing tax-free transactions, including various forms of mergers, reorganizations, and multiple-step acquisitions

Evaluating divestiture strategies, including those resulting in tax basis increases

Assessing benefits of tax attributes, including those resulting in tax basis increases, and those taking advantage of net operating and capital loss carry-forwards

Issuing tax opinions and obtaining rulings from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) regarding proposed transactions

Succession Planning

We believe that succession planning is vital to the continued success of any business.  Succession planning is often a multi-step process involving estate planning and the reorganization of equity interests in the business. Our goal is to develop and help our clients implement a plan that preserves and protects a business and its assets and which also enables a business to continue without interruption and in a tax efficient manner when the inevitable change in ownership or management occurs.  Our firm is fortunate to have worked in several cases with multiple generations of clients and to have seen the benefits of succession planning realized.

Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Joint Ventures

We counsel owners of privately held business on matters relating to the tax-efficient ownership and operation of their enterprises.  This often involves the use of limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and other joint ventures.  These entities are used in structuring asset acquisitions and divestures, sales and redemptions of ownership interests, allocations of debt and preservation of tax basis allocation, preferred returns, property contributions, asset distributions, and capital account analysis.

We develop strategies for the tax-efficient utilization of LLCs and partnerships in:

Asset securitizations

Equipment leasing

Real estate exchanges

Low-income housing

Rehabilitation and historic tax credits

Structured finance transactions

S Corporations

We represent clients on the full spectrum of tax issues relevant to S Corporations and their shareholders.

Our services include:






Issues involving eligible shareholders, shareholder/employee compensation, shareholder loans, redemptions, shareholder agreements, and succession planning