False Claims Act/Qui Tam

False Claims Act / Qui Tam Litigation

Primary Contact: David Mitchell, Jr.

Any company that does business with the government or receives funds from a government agency or program, including, but not limited to, health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, must take seriously the risks presented by the False Claims Act.  The Rose team understands and appreciates the unique challenges and exposure that a company faces when facing claims asserted under the False Claims Act.  By drawing from a multitude of firm practices, our team is able to provide clients the expertise necessary to quickly and effectively respond to government investigations and to successfully litigate against the government or a whistleblower.  Our firm has the depth of resources and expertise necessary to effectively assist clients ranging from publicly traded, Fortune 500 companies to small, close held companies or individuals in False Claims Act / Qui Tam litigation and investigations.

In addition to assisting clients in responding to investigations or allegations of False Claims Act violations, the Rose team also works with clients to evaluate and develop effective compliance programs to proactively defend against the risk of False Claims Act liability.