Rose healthcare attorneys serve our clients in areas of regulatory, compliance, government affairs, transactions and litigation.


We counsel clients on the ever-changing federal and state regulations and laws that impact healthcare operations and how providers, practitioners and pharmacists deliver quality of patient care.

Among the areas we provide services:

Representing clients before state boards, administrative agencies, state legislature and the U.S. Congress (which includes meeting attendance, testifying or debating)

Drafting and submitting comments to federal rulemaking on a client’s behalf

Representing clients during federal agency inspections and responding to all federal agency action

Management of non-profit institutions


Stark Law

Anti-kickback Statute

False Claims Act

Government and third party audits, inspections and investigations

Corporate compliance

Managed care contracting

HIPAA privacy and security compliance

Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance

Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) compliance

Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) compliance

Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payor reimbursement

Compliance with state and federal law, contractual, regulatory and operational requirements unique to the pharmacy industry

Compliance reviews

340B program compliance


We help clients with:

Buying, selling and leasing real estate

Licensing and certification

Corporate and compliance programs

Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions

Structuring spinoffs and recapitalizations, management buyouts

Physician practice acquisitions and integration

Joint ventures

Settlement agreements

Practice management

Labor and employment arrangements, contracts, and issues

Governmental Affairs

We provide an entire spectrum from helping to develop a client’s government relations strategy to having relationships with State, Congressional and Federal Agencies to monitoring Congressional and Federal action and responding with comments on our clients behalf to federal rulemaking or Congressional efforts. Our attorneys have served in key positions in government, have an in-depth understanding of the process of the state and federal legislatures and maintain strong ties with policymakers on the state and federal level.  We have a vast understanding of the relationship between government and business and are able to guide clients through public policy challenges.

We have been successful in:

Serving as the point of contact for the United State Congress and all federal and state regulatory agencies

Assisting client on identifying strategic opportunities to advance their organization’s mission

Obtaining language within federal appropriations bills

Obtaining the introduction of federal legislation

Securing Congressional hearings, Congressional questions and statements on the record during hearings and questions for the record following hearings seeking further clarity from federal agencies and other witnesses

Attaining floor statements

Obtaining Congressional subcommittee, committee and floor amendments

Securing changes in policy of federal agencies

Removing harmful language from federal legislation and/or federal rulemaking and policy objectives in order to prevent harmful proposals from becoming law

Advocating before key members of Congress and their staff

Negotiating Congressional investigations

Providing input and amending state legislation

Preparing clients for hearings and testimony

Developing coalitions

Development public relations and grassroots efforts

Managing Political Action Committees (PACs)

One of our healthcare attorneys is a registered federal lobbyist and meets with Representatives and Senators, monitors legislation and regulatory efforts impacting clients, works with clients to develop comprehensive strategies to address legislative and regulatory concerns.  Additionally she is a renowned speaker at many national conferences.


If litigation becomes necessary, our litigation team is experienced in assisting clients in the healthcare industries in a number of areas.

We represent companies and executives in litigation, investigations or other proceedings involving allegations or issues relating to:

Anti-kickback Statute

Stark Law

False Claims Act violations

Conducting internal investigations

Corporate governance issues and compliance programs

Federal, state or local government investigations

Healthcare fraud

Contract disputes

Ownership and/or management disputes

General commercial litigation matters involving healthcare providers

Our healthcare clients include:

Hospitals and health systems

Academic medical centers and nonprofit providers

Physician practices

Ambulatory surgery centers

Hospice providers and home health agencies


Cancer therapy centers

Long-term care facilities

Health plans

Non-profit organizations

Home infusion practices