Labor Law, Union Avoidance & Labor Management Relations

We assist employers, including management and supervisors, regarding traditional labor law, union avoidance and labor management relations. Issues governed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concerning workplace conditions and protected concerted activity impact unionized employers and non-unionized employers alike. All employers should be on notice of and in compliance with the NLRB’s directives and the language of the National Labor Relations Act. We work closely with employers to ensure compliance with applicable labor laws.

Our attorneys also help employers with maintaining productive relations with bargaining representatives in unionized settings, including:

  • Assisting employers and managers with union grievances
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Collective bargaining agreement negotiations
  • Collective bargaining agreement enforcement
  • Decertification proceedings

We are also available to provide employers with training management-level and supervisory personnel regarding best practices for handling union and employee matters.

Additionally, our attorneys are well versed in assisting employers in union avoidance strategies. We served as legal counsel for the first union election in Arkansas under the 2015 Obama-era “quickie election” rules and helped our client obtain a successful outcome. We also counsel employers regarding the legal bounds of activity and conduct leading up to, during and after union elections and provide assistance throughout the entire union campaign.