Arbitration & Mediation

Litigation can be expensive, time-consuming, unpredictable and frustrating. We aggressively defend our clients in every case, but our attorneys also recognize that a courtroom is not the only place where a dispute can be resolved. We have decades of experience advising and representing clients in non-judicial dispute resolutions, such as arbitrations and mediations. These forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are increasing popular for good reason – they often allow for a quicker, more efficient and more predictable means to resolve a dispute.

Our litigators have the experience our clients need in any ADR proceeding. They routinely handle arbitrations and mediations of every type – from straightforward products liability mediations to complex panel arbitrations. We are specifically well versed in the rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). In fact, one of our attorneys is a member of the Arkansas Supreme Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission.

We also regularly advise on the construction and application of arbitration clauses. Our attorneys handled the guiding cases in Arkansas law that bear on the enforceability of arbitration clauses. We also regularly counsel on and litigate cases under the Federal Arbitration Act and state Uniform Arbitration Acts.