Class Action/Mass Action

Our attorneys defend state and federal class actions on behalf of international, national and Arkansas-based companies. We represent class action defendants in state and federal courts around the nation.

A class or mass action is often a concerted litigation attack against a company. Our experience has taught us that such claims are decided on procedural issues far more often than on the substantive claims. We bring our decades of experience fighting those procedural issues to every case.

Whenever asked to defend a class or mass action claim, we work closely with our clients to develop the appropriate approach to a class action suit that is consistent with their strategic goals for resolution. There may be times a client wants to defeat class certification and defeat the claims of the individual plaintiffs. We also counsel our clients in developing the most effective strategy to meet their company’s goals.

Our expertise uniquely qualifies us to address the procedural considerations that confront any party to a class action or mass action case.