E-discovery is a critical part of the litigation process. Businesses and individuals operate in a digital world, creating massive amounts of data each day. This data is the subject of discovery when litigation is threatened or commenced, and requires detailed and precise discovery plans.

We have extensive experience assisting our clients with navigating the complex nature of e-discovery. Our attorneys know that the first task always is to work with clients to understand how they use technology and then to craft an e-discovery approach tailored to each client’s unique situation. We assist clients with implementation of:

  • Data collections
  • Data deduplication and culling
  • Document review and coding
  • Litigation holds
  • Production

The goal is to timely comply with all legal obligations surrounding data retention and production in an industry-accepted, cost-efficient manner. The firm has state-of-the-art e-discovery tools available in-house, as well as experience working with e-discovery vendors across the country. We have been at the forefront of advances in the e-discovery field and frequently teach courses to other attorneys on the subject of e-discovery. For instance, we often use Technology Assisted Review (TAR), which uses artificial intelligence to expedite the organization and prioritization of mass quantities of data, saving clients time and money.

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