Real Estate

Real Estate

Primary Contact: Brian Rosenthal

Ownership and use of land is an integral part of everyone’s life, whether personal or business.  Thus, real estate transactions may be as simple as a deed to a home or as complex as a multi-state, multi-million dollar business deal. We have substantial hands-on experience in planning, structuring, negotiating, and closing real estate deals for clients located throughout the United States.  Consequently, we can bring you the collective knowledge of a group of lawyers who have seen and done the full spectrum of real estate transactions for our clients.  We know how others have done similar transactions, and we know the types of problems they have encountered. Our experience becomes your asset because we can save you time delays and costs by helping you design a plan that avoids these problems.

We also handle a variety of litigation matters involving real estate, such as title insurance claims, mechanics’ liens, eminent domain proceedings, and construction disputes.  Our real estate attorneys work closely with members of our litigation practice to effectively prosecute and defend such claims.

We represent many diverse real estate clients including Fortune 500 companies; multi-national corporations; small and large privately held companies and small businesses, such as farmers and one store retailers; government agencies; individuals; banks; debtors trying to restructure their debt; developers planning, building, and selling apartments, office space, and other commercial real estate ventures; and lenders that finance real estate transactions.

We represent our clients in all types of real estate transactions, including:

Acquisitions and sales of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties

Leasing transactions on behalf of landlords or tenants, including negotiating, drafting, interpreting, and enforcing residential and commercial leases

Property development and construction

IRS Code Section 1031 like-kind exchanges and reverse like-kind exchanges

Licensing, zoning, planning, land use, annexation, and subdivision

Environmental due diligence, permitting, and compliance issues and analysis of liability exposure

Negotiating, structuring, and documenting railroad and utility easements

Oil, gas, and other mineral interests, including drafting and reviewing mineral leases, and the creation and financing of pipelines

Creation and implementation of time share projects and other inventive and unique real property arrangements

Real estate based loans, including construction loans

Low Income Housing Tax Credit and New Market Tax Credit projects

Litigation involving real estate, including eminent domain, mechanics’ lien claims, quiet title actions, boundary disputes, construction disputes, and eviction actions