Regulatory Administrative

Regulatory and Administrative

Primary Contact: B. J. Walker

It takes a thorough understanding of administrative law and the legal guidelines and requirements imposed on federal and state agencies to successfully challenge an agency’s adverse action or to advocate for a favorable decision.  A correct response to regulatory actions depends on the circumstances.  Often times a court challenge is required.  Other times, the best approach involves further engaging with or proceedings before the relevant agency or perhaps Congress.  Rose Law Firm has a depth of expertise in key regulatory areas crucial to our clients and we know how to discern which approach is most appropriate.  We achieve maximum results in challenging and defending governmental regulation.

We represent clients in enforcement actions in both state and federal court and we appear before agencies on our clients’ behalf to present evidence and effective arguments, ultimately preserving a record for judicial review of the final rule.

Our team has extensive experience and deep relationships with the local, state and federal administrative levels.

We work hand in glove with our Appellate and Constitutional law team and in the event an agency’s actions are scrutinized by the U.S. Congress,  our Government Relations team is fully capable of handling these issues.

We routinely represent clients before a vast variety of state and local regulatory agencies throughout the entire Southeast that regulate such areas including:



Environmental quality

Public utilities





Land use



Business and professional licensing




Motor vehicles

Wireless communications

We represent numerous utility authorities, planning and development districts, Federal and other governmental entities-the full spectrum of administrative laws.

Our team has appeared before such boards, commissions and agencies including but not limited to:

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Securities Exchange Commission

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department

Arkansas Public Service Commission

Arkansas Insurance Commission

Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Arkansas Banking Commission

Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

Arkansas Office of State Procurement

Arkansas Dental Board

Arkansas Medical Board

Arkansas Motor Vehicle Commission

Arkansas Securities Department

Occupation Safety & Health Administration

Mine Safety & Health Administration

Chemical Safety Board

Pipeline Hazardous Materials Administration

Environmental Protection Agency (multiple regions)

Arkansas Pollution Control & Ecology Commission

Arkansas Natural Resources Commission

Arkansas Waterways Commission

Arkansas State Board of Planning