Government Relations

Our attorneys are well-versed in the federal, state and local legislative processes. We advise clients on matters before the United States Congress, federal agencies, the Arkansas General Assembly, county quorum courts, city councils and various boards and commissions.

We can assist with the entire spectrum of government affairs from developing government relations strategies to establishing relationships with Congress, federal agencies, the Arkansas General Assembly and local governing bodies. We use our knowledge of their internal processes to advance our clients’ interests and monitor Congressional, federal agency, state and local action. Additionally, we respond on our clients’ behalf through official comments in federal and state rulemaking proceedings.

We provide our clients with the research, drafting and lobbying resources necessary to achieve their legislative goals. If the situation calls for a multi-disciplinary approach, we help clients build a team of public relations and technical professionals to tackle the project. In addition, we make sure that a client and its representatives are in compliance with all applicable lobbyist, ethics and public disclosure laws and regulations.

Legislative efforts include:

  • Business incentives
  • Insurance regulation
  • Utility regulation
  • Trust administration
  • Tax credits
  • Economic development
  • Probate law
  • Sales and use tax matters
  • Drafting federal banking statute amendment providing for a federal override of state usury limits
  • Statutory exemption from redundant state pipeline safety regulations

We assist clients with the following:

  • Federal, state and local government contracting
  • Rights and obligations of government contractors
  • Freedom of Information Act issues
  • Negotiating and litigating federal, state and local incentives for new and existing Arkansas businesses
  • Drafting official comments in federal and state rulemaking proceedings
  • Monitoring congressional and federal hearings and actions
  • Developing strategic plans to identify needed state and federal legislation or agency action and movement through the legislative and agency processes

Our firm is a member of SCG Legal, a worldwide network of leading law firms. Member firms are located in all 50 U.S. state capitals and in capital cities, business markets and financial centers around the world.

Those based in U.S. state capitals offer a unique knowledge of state legislatures and regulatory agencies.

Currently, there are more than 145 member firms located in North America, Europe, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Africa and the Middle East.