Medical Marijuana

With the passage of Amendment 98 to the Arkansas Constitution, medical marijuana was legalized in the state. The newly created industry provides a growing number of opportunities for patients, doctors and cannabis-related businesses.

Our firm relies upon its broad expertise to serve clients in the cannabis sector with the intent of positioning our clients for growth and success.

Within the cannabis industry, our firm’s attorneys leverage their substantive knowledge in other areas of the law in order to serve our cannabis clients with items such as:

  • Licensee and affiliate entity form selection in compliance with Amendment 98
  • Drafting, structuring and advising on corporate governance documents
  • Advising on changes in management, business location and ownership
  • Advising on the complex tax rules unique to the cannabis industry, including Internal Revenue Code 280E
  • Representation in all matters before the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission and the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
  • Structuring real estate transactions to account for the unique industry nuances
  • Advising on vendor relationships and the underlying documentation
  • Advising on the federal, state and local legal and regulatory landscape
  • Advising on intellectual property and branding matters, including patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Defending companies or individuals in state administrative proceedings when there is an alleged rules violation
  • Developing business and compliance plans and developing exit strategies
  • Development of required company manuals and handbooks to meet state regulations
  • Financial review to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and guidance