Trade Regulation

Antitrust, Trade Regulation, Unfair Competition

Primary Contact: Amy Lee Stewart

Rose Law Firm has a long history of guiding businesses and individuals through the complexities of federal and state antitrust, trade regulation, and business competition law. Now more than ever this expertise is indispensable to our clients, who seek Rose Law Firm’s assistance for education and compliance training, premerger counseling, transactional advice and structuring, and litigation. The Firm regularly works with clients facing unlawful acts by a competitor, former employee, or other party, or defending against claims of unlawful acts. Our strong experience includes matters involving:

Merger and acquisition analysis

Actual and attempted monopolization

Distribution issues and terminations

Price discrimination and horizontal, vertical, and predatory pricing claims

Trade secrets claims

Unfair competition and tortious interference claims

Breaches of fiduciary duties and duties of loyalty

Breaches of the duty of good faith and fair dealing

Customer and employee raiding

Covenants not to compete or solicit

Fraud and misrepresentation

Trade dress and product disparagement claims

Development and training in antitrust and competition law compliance

Clients for these services have come from a broad range of industries, including information technology, heavy industrial and retail consumer product manufacturing, agriculture, construction, healthcare, and media.

Our clients appreciate our ability to address effectively the full range of their needs in the area of competition, from educating and training their employees on the do’s and don’ts of antitrust and competition law; to analyzing risks or effects of mergers and acquisitions; to guiding contract negotiations and drafting to avoid antitrust problems; to protecting them in the prosecution or defense of litigation of complex antitrust and business tort claims, whether for injunctive relief or monetary damages, in individual cases as well as class actions.

We understand and act on our clients’ strategic needs to address problems, attacks, and demands proactively; to avoid litigation where possible; to maintain good relationships with their customers, suppliers, and competitors; and to be prepared to go to trial when necessary.  Whether by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial, in both offense and defense, our clients rely on us to handle their respective issues with competence, creativity, and efficiency, in partnership with them and with their particular business structure and goals at the forefront of our strategy.